Why, hello there!

This is a brand new exciting development in the life of The Imaginarator. I’ve been wanting to start this blog for a while but obviously I value laziness/procrastination over showcasing my talent of generating products of my imagination more. Now now, don’t shoot me off just yet, there will be stuff to look at if you drop by occasionally*. More of that later. Let’s break out the champagne first, shall we? =)

*I foresee this blog not being updated as regularly as it should be. There, I’ve said it.**

**However, fear not, if there are indeed updates, I guarantee the utter geniusity^ of my posts would blow your mind or socks or panties off. (wouldn’t you want to know how that feels, eh?)

^Now I do not know if the word geniusity exists but hey this is the product of my imagination. Oh yeah!

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