This Christmas, I gave you …

Next Year

This tree cannot be tamed

Before the day is up, I told myself to get my lazy arse off the bed and perch it on a cooler spot of the bed to begin my second post. Now the day is almost up, I’m still perched on the same spot of the bed, albeit cooler now that the sun has set but the second post remains half written like a dog who has lost interest in a half chewed up toy.

I suppose I could give you a brief run-down of my holiday ongoings but seeing as it could be summed up in four seven words*, I’d have to find something else to fill in the gaps. I could post a video but there is nothing holding my interest at the moment. I could croak sing you a song but that might be the last straw that breaks my parents’ backs to commit me. I could share with you my impeccable knowledge of watching grass grow (with music in the background). Or the list of my New Year’s resolutions except they keep changing. Then it hit me. I could very possibly reveal a secret I have been keeping inside me for a while now.

Now this is not a critical government secret ala Chuck nor is it a wizardry magical secret ala Harry Potter but it is something very very dear to me. Then again, it would hardly be a secret once I reveal it on the internets. Maybe I will just stick to reading other people’s secrets for now. Until then, nanny nanny b… well, you get the drift.

* If for some inexplicable reason, you have an innate burning desire to know what I was up to during this entire holiday festivity, I wouldn’t want to deny you of that desire so here goes: Sleep, eat, drink, watch tv and repeat**

**If for another inexplicable reason, you noticed a conspicuous absence of the word shower in that list, yehhh well, showering is not really high on my list when you are hardly out painting the town red, green or white.