Sweaty shrieking girls with sticks and a ball

So I was at a field hockey match earlier. Now I’m not sure if you know the rules but there are usually two teams of 11 players each wielding mighty curved sticks trying to get a tiny ball into the goalpost guarded by a Stay Puft Marshmallow Man-lookalike. If you are lucky, there are occasional female tennis players-like grunts but sadly I got mostly high pitched shrieks today.

Now Team Dark Ones were a bunch of teenage loud burping hyper girls actively involved in the sport still and Team Fair Ones were well, older girls who have discovered the magic of make-up, boys, pretty dresses and quite possibly some newfound stamina*.

Beep and the game began with waves and waves of attacks from the Dark Ones, oh wait a counterattack from the Fair Ones but no, they are actually trying to get the ball away as far as possible from their legs. Then one shriek rang louder than the rest. Next minute, a few girls surrounding that loud shrieker** started to look for something on the grass pitch. After a few lip-biting moments from my end, one arm raised in sweaty triumph.

“I’ve got it! I found your fake eyelashes!”

Oh, it’s a beautiful game indeed.

But look at the marvellous things one can do with a hockey stick and the ball. I’m rather enthralled. For one minute.

At the end of the game, I realise I much prefer to watch 22 men playing with a ball. I might be biased but admit it, it’s just more exciting that way.

*Seeing as most haven’t played sports of any kind in ages, I’m a tad amazed at their willingness to participate in this battle of hockey supremacy. They must have gotten a stash of stamina pills for $9.99 during the Boxing Day sale.

**No prizes for which team this particular shrieker and her fake eyelashes belonged to.

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