The Last Day of 2008

Hard saying no to 2009

Try saying no to 2009

Today, Imaginarator is not ready to crawl over that cruel border which marks year 2009 and here’s why with a deep sigh and a heavy heart:

a) Getting older

b) Getting older still and finally

c) OMG getting older, really?

That said, there are highlights I am grateful for and I’ve kindly listed them down for your reading pleasure.

  1. Started 2008 with three little poppers
  2. Laid on a new bed for the first time
  3. Received an unexpected Valentine’s Day gift
  4. Had one of the tastiest  pizzas ever
  5. Whiskey dry
  6. Discovered the show House
  7. Received its DVD boxset as a gift
  8. The Bucket List and The Secret
  9. Acquired a regular haunt for wine
  10. Discovered the joys of conversation and wine
  11. Had one of the best Japanese meals ever
  12. Rewatched Will & Grace
  13. Was given a heartfelt confession
  14. Went cycling and swimming
  15. Caught the best magic show ever
  16. Visited a lovely alfresco bar accessible by car only
  17. Rice and double-boiled soup
  18. Chose clothes for someone else
  19. Found the best pizza delivery place
  20. Long walks
  21. Steak dinner at a hawker centre
  22. Quality times at the arcade
  23. Watched three awesome concerts
  24. Attended the first Grand Prix
  25. Much love for Kylie
  26. Friends who nursed your heart willingly
  27. Received two handmade bags as birthday gift
  28. Wrote more substantially for work than ever
  29. Received praises and promises of rewards for it
  30. Living in the most severe credit crunch of our generation

Now that the list is done, it’s time to get out of the office as quickly as possible. If you are reading this still, I’m off now. Happy New Year and may 2009 top whatever highlights 2008 had to offer!*

*Rest assured Imaginarator will be back at the desk by tomorrow evening for the next update. Soberness not guaranteed.

Feel free to leave your wellwishes, 2008’s highlights or reasons why time should stand still now in the comments below.