How geeks say goodbye 2008 and hello 2009

Nothing as satisfying as POP!

Nothing as satisfying as POP!

</2008><2009> as seen on Reddit. Where geeks are seen arguing the finer points of the perfect programming script for 2009. Nothing quite like pointing at the screen and laughing at people geekier and hopefully uglier than you to start the head-throbbing day right.

If you are still sobering up from the massive amounts of booze consumed, aspirin and coffee do not, in any way, cure your hangovers. They are well, myths that can kill you. There goes my #3 and #4 surefire ways to get through a workday after a drinking session the night before. Ah screw you, Mythbusters. Now I’ll have to call in sick.

So, how was your New Year Eve’s celebration?

Feel free to share your hungover shame in the comments below.


Actors advocating drunk driving

Watching a movie where a couple brought out a bottle of wine during their car date on a secluded mountatintop or [insert secluded dark location].

Does the idiom “drink and don’t drive” not apply to them?