Sunday’s Sexy Springclean

Lola, she was a showgirl

Lola, she was a housekeeper

Today felt like a good day for Imaginarator to clear out old junk in a sexy skimpy maid outfit. Cue bleeding from millions of eyeballs. No? Good.

Well, it’s either cleaning or starting on the backlog of work due next week and cleaning gave work the smackdown alright. Fengshui agrees with me. Why else would it say decluttering = revitalising life? Imaginarator’s logic says once life gets revitalised, there would be motivation to work and all would be well again. Oh yeah.

So removing old stuff unblocks the energy flow, cheers you up, birds sing, flowers bloom and life is worth living once again. But it is hard. No one said anything about the emotional attachment to clothes, godammit! How can I throw away the lucky crummy tee which helped me pass my driving test? Or the jeans which I looked fat in but scored a job interview in it anyway? I heart clutter. Help!

Feel free to leave your decluttering nightmares or solutions in the comments below.