Picking a Porsche Booger

Unhappy to see fat wrinkly middle-aged men in their shining four-wheeled symbols of virility* taunting people with lesser zeros in their bank accounts** on the road, a Porsche owner took matters into his own fingers.

Yes, he has introduced a new action for all Porsche owners out there to put one over Ferrari and Lamborghini. When trapped in traffic, why not pick your nose in the cushy comfort of a pricey but less popular foreign sports car. This way, no one will ever dare to forget how a stereotypical Porsche owner should look like. From now, Porsche drivers will get a fair share of disgusted looks from me. At least until I own either one of those beauties.

*Stereotypical drivers of flaming yellow and sometimes red Ferraris or Lamborghinis


Feel free to leave your fiery Ferrari tales in the comments below.

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