How to [over]dress

So I was trying to put on an outfit for the day. Had a meeting to go to but wasn’t inclined to wear some formal gear since you know, it’s Friday, if you haven’t gotten the memo.  But I had to look at least businesslike, I think.

I put on a nice quality black tee, dead useful in looking slim, black jeans, nice grey belt (alright, it’s Ck if you want to know so badly), a black blazer, white shoes. With a black and white scarf. I sauntered over to my sister and struck a pose. “So what do you think?”

Pause as she gave me the critical fash-eye all over. “No.”

“What’s wrong?”



Weather forecast for Friday 9 January 2009: Sunny with no showers expected for the day. Temperature to remain around 30 to 32 degrees. Maybe you can carry an umbrella to ward off deadly sun rays.


Yo yo, noogga in da house

Lunchtime 1pm: My plate of noodles was so black that I’ve half a mind to call it noogga. And I did. The bitch stare was over in three minutes top. And noogga was no longer in da house.*

If you love me, you would continue reading on. You may also like to pause over every word like it is a fine piece of damn good poetry.

Today was a good day. Oh yes, the minute I reached the bus stop, my bus came as though it heard my siren for service and had to get to me before any other buses did. By the second stop, I’ve gotten a nice window seat, barely butt-hot, thanks to the kid sitting on it before. Took a snooze and actually woke up just before my stop. Reached work at 8.45am. It was, say it with me, like a breeze baby.

End of work 6.30pm: The minute I walked out of the office, the bus came almost instantly. Brilliant. Oh, we had a secret code. I just had to mentally snap my fingers. Nice aisle seat – check. Harmless-looking with no creepy vibes stranger sitting beside me – check. Little traffic on the road – check. It was, in Kylie’s immortal words, WOW-WOW-WOW.

Seriously, the day can only get better tomorrow and I can’t wait.

*It could be hiding with Elvis. You never know.