Why I hate aisle seats

So I was on the bus earlier and I hate aisle seats for the same reason you will hate aisle seats in approximately three minutes time.

I normally do not mind seating next to the passageway when the bus is derived of any passengers. What, I have my personal space limit to maintain here. Which means crowds should not exist at 9.10pm. But this old man, he played knick … oh … He stood horribly close – like the fabric of his clothes was touching my sleeve close –  and he smelled. On a smell’o’metre scale, the needle was very close to attempting a daring break out.

Now add the four stops I had to endure before I can drop off. Oh, and I had to lean towards the middle-aged man in pink who was seating beside me. There was definitely a low hum from his corner during the journey. Our sleeves kept brushing against one another too. See why you hate aisle seats now?

But really, nothing compares to the lovely blast of rancid smell molecules that welcomed me to the office washroom. That, my friend, totally sent the smell’o’metre scale back into the manufacturer’s arms. Right before lunch too. Wonderful eh?

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Why do footballers enjoy spitting?

No, seriously, why do they spit everytime a decision does not go their way? Or is there really a need to spit after getting up after being fouled? An affirmation of their toughsissyness, perhaps? Does the grass prefer spit as fertilisers?

It’s rather bleurgh to see a white glob flying out of these footballers’ mouths on the tv screen. Just saying, you know, they could spare a thought for the one billion global viewers who may or may not join them in spitdom.

P/S: Man United gave Chelsea a good routing all right. A delightful 3:0 which pleases me.

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