The Imaginarator needs a braincation!

brain·ca·tion (brn-kshn, v-)


1. When your brain decides to devote a period of time to pleasure, rest or relaxation. Usually after one has completed shitloads of work.

2. A holiday for the overworked mind.

3. An unfixed period of rest hours, where the brain suspends all mental activities during work to avoid doing work.

4. Archaic The act or an instance of the mind vacating the body.

After slogging through what seems like forever*, my brain went into overdrive together and finally decided to shut down. Today. During work. A mental off day, it demanded. So I spent my full nine hours pretending to be thinking hard about work with occasional furious typing and lots of scribbling. All the while, my brain was happily snoozing on a nice big comfy bed.

*I don’t care if the Gregorian calendar says 10 days, it probably never had to work a day in its Gregorian life.

Feel free to regale me with your mental off days in the comments below.