I need more Dirty Sexy Money!

I am serious. Having watched the season finale of this cancelled show means the cliff-hanging climax will be a very very lasting one for me. A network which create fantasies using tv as a medium for common folk should never be allowed to taunt people like that. Travesty. “HOW DO YOU LIVE WITH YOURSELF?”

Where on earth am I supposed to get the required dose of this scandalous insane somewhat morally corrupt richest family in New York now?

And, you should be a DSM druggie too because the sextape scene below says so.


Before sunset

Sometimes taking the wrong bus home has its rewards. A brief stop to admire the evening light across the river.


This is for you, sunset lover


Coffee cups and conversation

It's the caffeine speaking

It's the caffeine speaking

A day in the lives of the coffee cups on my desk…

Mr Maersk: How are you today, baby?

Ms Starbucks: Shut up.


Orange butt cracks

On their way to the juicer

On their way to the juicer

I have always wondered why oranges with a crack or opening at their bottoms are usually sweet.


Finally, the right shade of blue

Now THIS is the right song* which I had heard while driving home on Sunday. It’s perfect for cruising along a almost deserted highway and drowning in your daydreams. That is before you nearly hit the car which has decided to jam brake for absolutely no reason other than to piss you off. There’s just something about it, could be the melody, the rhythm or the instruments used. For a hot lazy Sunday afternoon drive, it was just the perfect tune for my heart to hum along to.

A lifetime waiting for the light to shine
Suddenly you were here, like an angel appeared
And the world that I knew changed into a wonderland
Then you called out my name, Looked around and I found you were gone

*But I have to say the youtube video is bit of a turn off. Not very well made, is it.


I’ve turned a lighter shade of blue

I guess it finally dawned on me you’re gone. Well, maybe I can make it on my own. I don’t stay up wondering if you’ll call. Sometimes I don’t dream of you at all. Your memory is still hurting me inside. That’s something I’m still learning to hide. Though this heart of mine has lost an ache or two, I’ve only turned a lighter shade of blue.

p/s: I’ve heard an acid jazz remix of this song over the radio yesterday which is even more brilliant than this inferior youtube example but I’ve no idea which genius did the remix or if it was even this title.


Going to the movies

As I turned right going towards the direction of the cinema, the lovely sis stopped me. “Hey, that’s the wrong way.”


“You should be turning left.”

“Why? That’s the way to the market.”

“Yes and you are dressed for it.”

I’d have showed that smart mouth some knuckle popcorn if not for the miserable fact that we are related and I am really a non-violent sort when it comes to facing someone my own size.