Listening: Somebody Loved by The Weepies

Was too tired to churn out any sort of stuff resembling work today. Settled for taking copious amounts of cigarettes instead. Which I cleverly combined them into one long session. Fat lot of good it did to my overall health as evidenced from the lips still screaming from dehydration. Like I care. Actually I do because it means I have to smear Vaseline all over my lips now.

So my workmate / smoke-buddy M who was sick for like one week running finally returned. “Wanna smoke?”

The Imaginarator: “FK’s bench demands a hug. Maybe a kiss too.”

“Hahaha.” Cue puffs.

Rain turns the sand into mud. Wind turns the trees into bone. Stars turning high up above. You turn me into somebody loved. – Courtesy of Dirty Sexy Money