Zits are seriously hilarious

Teenage angst always fun to laugh at

Teenage angst always fun to laugh at

Right, in case you are possibly blind, I will be nice and do up a transcript for you. One of the best observational pieces on the new generation teens and their modern age woes you’ll ever see.

Zuma (also known as the only girl in the comic strip above): I am so (angry face) furious at Mr Levin.

Today he was all (exaggerated mocking face) “Read chapters 11-29 tonight”.

(Pouty face) How am I supposed to do THAT? Jerk!

Nerdy boy’s turn to speak: Zuma, is there any reason that you’re narrating your facial expressions?

Zuma: Skin care! I’m not going to get (eye rolls) wrinkles because of homework!