Meryl Streep and her OMFG face

See it to believe it because an overly excited Streep really brightens up your day. This video of Meryl Streep with her “OMGF, I can’t believe I actually won” face and then literally bouncing through the crowds to get to the stage and the award was well, hilarious. The joy resonating from her is inexplicably contagious, even  through the poorer quality of youtube. I actually had the size of a megawatt grin throughout the whole six minutes.

Now you can imagine the infectious energy on that day amongst the audience itself. Great time to be a fly during the Oscars’ ceremony tomorrow? Well, I wish I had voted for Streep in my office Oscars pool. Classy and slightly arrogant in a good way, that’s what she is. Here’s an excerpt of what the Academy Awards record-holder with 15 acting nominations, including one for “Doubt” in which she plays an old-school nun in a war of wills with a priest, said in her acceptance speech, courtesy of Huffington Post:

“Can I just say there is no such thing as the best actress, you know? There is no such thing as the greatest living actress,” said Streep. “I am in a position where I have secret information, that I know this to be true.”

She added, “I am so in awe of the work of the women this year – nominated, not nominated – so proud of us girls and everybody wins when we get parts like this.”


Sloth, gluttony and lust

Items for a lazy weekend of sinful pleasures: KFC check, latest copy of Vanity Fair check and full set of Mad Men… oh yeah check.

Obama is on VF’s March cover along with his administration pictured inside, Clinton looking good. As part of its 15th Hollywood edition, this year’s Oscars’ nominated glitterati are featured inside too. Great pictorials, excellent writing. What can I say? Best object of intellectual lust ever. As for Mad Men, I love the Saul Bass‘ inspired opening credits and various pieces of music used but am still getting used to the way women get objectified and sometimes trampled over in the series though. I might understand it’s the way things are in the sixties but my politically correct mind can’t get rid of  the iffyness yet.

While advertising has never been sexier, I still think it’s the copious amount of smoking that made Mad Men such a hit. Which means, whenever I host any future house parties, if and when it does happen, probably never but just go along with my fantasy here, there will be cigarettes freely available in a tray beside a pretty ashtray. Only smokers welcomed in my crib.