Tip on breakfast

If you eat a blueberry bagel with loads of cream cheese in the morning, you’re still going to end up with Blueberry Breath which, according to friends, is not a bad thing to have. At least until 10am. Much nicer than Coffee Breath, which frankly is quite unpleasant, especially if you receive a full blast of it into your nose at close proximity.


Listening: I Don’t Feel Like Dancing by Scissor Sisters

For that little groove you need to get through a Monday or a heartache. Either way, it was good to get my feet tapping and get energy moving all over. I don’t feel like dancing, dancing even if I find nothing better to do. Don’t feel like dancing, dancing.


My version of Internet troubleshooting

My version of Internet troubleshooting 1) Yell at router 2) Whine at computer 3) Pray to Interweb Gods 4) Go sleep 5) Blog about it next day.

Here’s the roundup of some news around the world that both intrigued and sometimes even made me raise my eyebrows throughout the whole of March by the way:

Turns out that carton of fresh orange juice might not be that fresh after all. “The glass on the breakfast table is actually juice stored in tanks for long periods, then goosed with flavor packs to taste like fruit again,” says Alissa Hamilton.

Have you always knew window seats are not really all that awesome to die for? Now you’ve been proven right. They are fatal.

I was slightly creeped out but oddly intrigued by the modern day R&J couple who died together in the Swiss clinic suicide pact.

Want to recreate the visible brightness of the sun, in case of a severe blackout? You need an estimated number of 14,286,000,000 fireflies for that. And you can chew gum to reduce 12% of your anxiety levels during conditions of mild to moderate stress. (via Harper’s Index)

Turns out Shakespeare is quite the looker. Not the bald fat man I’ve always imagine him to be.

My Calvin and Hobbes are all grown up now. The poignancy of it made me smile.

This month, please give it up for W. Neil Berrett who quit by giving his boss a resignation letter made of cake. Response must have been tasty.

This picture of the bowling-pin shaped egg laid recently by a chicken totally cracked me up.

Freaky is when hitman with tattooed eyelids nearly made yesterday’s dinner come all the way up.

Do you have $2000 to spare? You can now buy the world’s cheapest car which costs as much as my notebook PC. Ten things you should know about Tata’s Nano.

And just for a wicked laugh, see 50 Animals Who Hate Baths. Enjoy.


Probably the best United midfield ever

So in a glorious tribute to Manchester United 1998-2001’s irrepressible midfield foursome,  here’s a video of their 1998/1999 Treble season* which they won everything in sight. Watching it made me shed a tear of joy. The artistry of quick moving exhilarating football United had then was simply imperious. Guardian Football named the midfield of Giggs, Scholes, Keane and Beckham the second greatest midfield ever to grace the field. I concur.

“No side has meshed the genres of midfield play so successfully: irrepressible, sinuous dribbler; granite-willed captain and metronomic passer; technically outstanding creator and goalscorer; and the greatest crosser of a ball in history. Together they were responsible for some of the most exhilarating, quick-quick-quicker football imaginable, and between them have played a mind-boggling 2,264 games for United. At club level they were the last great British and Irish midfield. And they were surely the best.”

Even though they had only played three full seasons together, I have to say they were the second reason why I fell in love with Manchester United. The first was Le King Eric Cantona. I’m getting a tingly feeling all over just watching it.

As for Brand Beckham*, he is quite all right, once you take away his chipmunk voice. After all, he did give United the best years of his life and how can I ever forget this?

Football on a Friday. Enjoy.

*Beckham lovers, you may proceed to 7:50 minute of the 98/99 Treble season video where you can see him 10 blonde floppy years younger scoring a freekick. Chipmunk voice, however, remains intact in his interview at 8:40 minute.


Listening: Like A Virgin by Madonna

This morning I made up my mind that today would be a great day for me and a great day should have a theme song to start. And so to trick my mind into filling itself with joy, I have chosen a lovely upbeaty tune. Now come bop your head along to it because honestly who can deny Her Madge-jesty’s magic, especially when it’s sung live by her 15 years younger.

I made it through the wilderness. Somehow I made it through. Didn’t know how lost I was until I found you. I was beat incomplete. I’d been had, I was sad and blue. But you made me feel. Yeah, you made me feel… Shiny and newwww


Grand-looking marshmallow city

I took this while I was in a conference room situated on the 50th floor because the view was simply breathtaking. It’s bit off-colour but I love the texture of the clouds and how fluffy their edges are. They remind me of Mount Olympus where all the gods and immortals gather, not so much of the mountain part but of a grand city set amidst lush clouds.

Taste just like marshmallows

Taste just like marshmallows


Hey you

“You want me to act like we’ve never kissed. You want to forget and pretend we’ve never met . I’ve tried and I’ve tried, but I haven’t yet… the minute you walk by, I fall to pieces.”

It’s weird how Patsy Cline already knew how I am feeling now.

13 March 3.17am


Sign of a premium smoking spot

Whenever I want to take the train, I would have to walk past a group of tables and benches on the way to the station. Other than a resting spot for the elderly and people who can’t be arsed to walk, these benches are also a premium smoking spot, a gathering of like-minded who enjoy taking a drag or two… thousand puffs.

This is The Imaginarator’s impression of the unofficial smoking corner. Incidentally, I also like to put forth the theory that this is probably how clouds form.

When does condensation starts?

When does condensation start?


Mike Myers ruined my mojo

Just watched Mike Myers baffled me and the audience with some out of space Zen-like theory to a playwright student’s innocent question, “”How do you productively wear so many hats?” near the end of the show Inside the Actors Studio. That ruined my feel-good mojo for him because he was pretty funny when answering James Lipton’s questions in his various famous characters Dr Evil, Fat Bastard and Austin Powers earlier.

One saving grace – a video clip of him as The Love Guru playing “More than Words” with a sitar – but not the entire movie, which according to Variety if you haven’t watched it, is not so good. Talking about funny, watch this instead.


Things that paralyse me

It’s not true you need a picture to convey the meaning of a thousand words. How do you think great authors came about eh? It’s certainly not by showing us 59 pages worth of pictures to tell a story. Words are useful. Very often, someone might just have right words to describe the exact emotion running through you.

“There are some paintings, sculptures, buildings, and cars whose designs are so visually striking that they’re paralyzing. You have to stop and look. You have to stop, look, touch, and maybe take a picture,” said Sitting Pugs in an earlier post on Lisa Loeb’s Stay.

Nine things which have that sort of paralysing effect on me:

1) Sunsets

2 Full moon at its peak of the lunar month

3) Great masters’ artwork

4) View from the top of the Austrian Alps

5) Happy contented baby

6) Clouded blue sky

7) Churches in Paris and Italy

8) Historical artefacts

9) You laughing at something I said

What’s yours?