Listening: Stay by Lisa Loeb

When I first hear the strains of the opening chord, my heart slumped forward in a bittersweet poignant sort of way. It’s a good thing I heard it in the privacy of my earphones. Otherwise I might have just bobbled up and cry like a newborn babe. Nahhh.

You say I only hear what I want to. You say I talk so all the time so… I thought that I was strong. I thought, “Hey, I can leave.” Oh, but now I know that I was wrong ’cause I missed you.*

*Loeb spent the first 2 minutes of the video introducing the origins of the song which is brilliant in her self-deprecating way. But the wait is worthwhile because listening to her live is one kind of awesome. Try it.

5 thoughts on “Listening: Stay by Lisa Loeb

  1. …and i thought what i felt was simple, and i thought that i that i don’t belong. and now that i am leaving, now i know that i did something wrong, cause i missed you.

  2. There are some paintings, sculptures, buildings, and cars whose designs are so visually striking that they’re paralyzing. You have to stop and look. You have to stop, look, touch, and maybe take a picture.

    I felt that way after hearing “Stay” on the radio for the first time. It made me feel sad-happy. The soundtrack of Reality Bites was among the first CDs I ever owned.

    And now i’m going to listen to it.

    • That’s the word – sad-happy- the way this song makes me feel. You’re absolutely right. My heart doesn’t seem to beat right whenever this song is playing. But I can’t hit the stop button just yet.

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