Things that paralyse me

It’s not true you need a picture to convey the meaning of a thousand words. How do you think great authors came about eh? It’s certainly not by showing us 59 pages worth of pictures to tell a story. Words are useful. Very often, someone might just have right words to describe the exact emotion running through you.

“There are some paintings, sculptures, buildings, and cars whose designs are so visually striking that they’re paralyzing. You have to stop and look. You have to stop, look, touch, and maybe take a picture,” said Sitting Pugs in an earlier post on Lisa Loeb’s Stay.

Nine things which have that sort of paralysing effect on me:

1) Sunsets

2 Full moon at its peak of the lunar month

3) Great masters’ artwork

4) View from the top of the Austrian Alps

5) Happy contented baby

6) Clouded blue sky

7) Churches in Paris and Italy

8) Historical artefacts

9) You laughing at something I said

What’s yours?