Things that paralyse me

It’s not true you need a picture to convey the meaning of a thousand words. How do you think great authors came about eh? It’s certainly not by showing us 59 pages worth of pictures to tell a story. Words are useful. Very often, someone might just have right words to describe the exact emotion running through you.

“There are some paintings, sculptures, buildings, and cars whose designs are so visually striking that they’re paralyzing. You have to stop and look. You have to stop, look, touch, and maybe take a picture,” said Sitting Pugs in an earlier post on Lisa Loeb’s Stay.

Nine things which have that sort of paralysing effect on me:

1) Sunsets

2 Full moon at its peak of the lunar month

3) Great masters’ artwork

4) View from the top of the Austrian Alps

5) Happy contented baby

6) Clouded blue sky

7) Churches in Paris and Italy

8) Historical artefacts

9) You laughing at something I said

What’s yours?

15 thoughts on “Things that paralyse me

  1. 1) Sunsets

    2 Full moon at its peak of the lunar month

    5) Happy contented baby

    9) You laughing at something I said

    Sunsets for sure,
    full moons too (and when they hang low in the sky and can be visible in the 6:30AM horizon)
    A sullen baby being held by its father

    It does feel great to make someone else laugh…w/o making fun of them in the process.

  2. Always love a full moon hanging low against a dark sky. Better than an eclipse, I say.

    And it’s true about making someone smile, an ego booster of sort knowing you can bring joy to others. That’s why happiness should be shared.

  3. Contentment, satisfaction, serenity are things that should be contagious. Laughter can be…and looking up at the sky.

    Get a friend or two together, go some open, public space (a park, intersection), and look up at the sky. Passersby will also look up.

    • Hahaha, yes I’ve always found it amusing to find people craning their heads to look at whatever direction you point or happen to gaze at. Curiosity or nosy much?

    • Hahahaha, and that would be a lovely gourmet love story, Cakes.

      Hey Sitting Pugs, I may have heard that theory previously but I was too chicken to try it out. Have you done it then? You know, I may have to pay someone to do it.

  4. Hahaha, yes I’ve always found it amusing to find people craning their heads to look at whatever direction you point or happen to gaze at. Curiosity or nosy much?

    It’s a psychological/sociological phenomenon. They want to feel like they belong (mass mentality) and are doing what everyone else is doing. Even if what is being done is silly. Another example, if you and a friend or two get into an elevator and face the back wall, whoever else will feel compelled to do so.

    Do it enough times and you should meet at least 50%.

  5. Having done the elevator bit yet. Once, though, I was sitting in traffic and looked intently in the driver side mirror. The woman in the car quickly felt the need to do the same.

    • Hahahaha, for some reason, that cheered me up greatly. Nice one, Sitting Pugs. I did once caught a random stranger staring at me so I maintained the gaze until she broke uncomfortably away.

  6. Honestly….i think the interweb is making quiche out of my eggs and ham that were supposed to be a sandwich.

    I don’t recall typing “having done the elevator bit..”

    Surely, I really typed “haven’t done the elevator bit..”

    Dude! (or non-dude)…I started doing this “maintain the gaze game” a couple yrs ago where I would look at whatever aesthetically person in public and keep looking until they realized I was doing it. Very few people realize they are being watched intently.

    • Haha, why quiche can be rather tasty too. I saw “having” but read it as “haven’t” by the way. Guess I am a quiche lover.

      And did that aesthetically-pleasing person not glare at you for mentally harassing I mean over-appreciating them? Do you get that sort of chills running down your back whenever you feel someone’s gaze on you, especially when it’s an intense one? I get dead uncomfortable and self-conscious.

      I also realise you can only look at someone for less than 10 seconds before they start looking up for the ‘perpetrator’. That’s when I sneakily pretend to look somewhere else and behave as though they just happen to be in my view of focus. Ha!

  7. “over-appreciating” ha!

    Nobody ever realizes I’m looking intently at them. I do a fair amount of scanning my environs, if someone is looking at me, I usually bite my thumb and they stop looking.

    • Hahaha, you must be doing something right if no one ever notices you looking. I might consider biting my thumb next time. Or maybe I will just break into a song. That oughta stop them looking… and running away instead.

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