Sign of a premium smoking spot

Whenever I want to take the train, I would have to walk past a group of tables and benches on the way to the station. Other than a resting spot for the elderly and people who can’t be arsed to walk, these benches are also a premium smoking spot, a gathering of like-minded who enjoy taking a drag or two… thousand puffs.

This is The Imaginarator’s impression of the unofficial smoking corner. Incidentally, I also like to put forth the theory that this is probably how clouds form.

When does condensation starts?

When does condensation start?

2 thoughts on “Sign of a premium smoking spot

  1. If I lived in NY, I would start a business that had “smoking buses” riding thru the streets, allowing people to step out of the weather, maybe enjoy some nice music for a small fee, then go back to work when they’re done.

  2. Count me in. What with the dearth of smoking spots available these days, I think you may have a money spinner on your hands.

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