Probably the best United midfield ever

So in a glorious tribute to Manchester United 1998-2001’s irrepressible midfield foursome,  here’s a video of their 1998/1999 Treble season* which they won everything in sight. Watching it made me shed a tear of joy. The artistry of quick moving exhilarating football United had then was simply imperious. Guardian Football named the midfield of Giggs, Scholes, Keane and Beckham the second greatest midfield ever to grace the field. I concur.

“No side has meshed the genres of midfield play so successfully: irrepressible, sinuous dribbler; granite-willed captain and metronomic passer; technically outstanding creator and goalscorer; and the greatest crosser of a ball in history. Together they were responsible for some of the most exhilarating, quick-quick-quicker football imaginable, and between them have played a mind-boggling 2,264 games for United. At club level they were the last great British and Irish midfield. And they were surely the best.”

Even though they had only played three full seasons together, I have to say they were the second reason why I fell in love with Manchester United. The first was Le King Eric Cantona. I’m getting a tingly feeling all over just watching it.

As for Brand Beckham*, he is quite all right, once you take away his chipmunk voice. After all, he did give United the best years of his life and how can I ever forget this?

Football on a Friday. Enjoy.

*Beckham lovers, you may proceed to 7:50 minute of the 98/99 Treble season video where you can see him 10 blonde floppy years younger scoring a freekick. Chipmunk voice, however, remains intact in his interview at 8:40 minute.