My version of Internet troubleshooting

My version of Internet troubleshooting 1) Yell at router 2) Whine at computer 3) Pray to Interweb Gods 4) Go sleep 5) Blog about it next day.

Here’s the roundup of some news around the world that both intrigued and sometimes even made me raise my eyebrows throughout the whole of March by the way:

Turns out that carton of fresh orange juice might not be that fresh after all. “The glass on the breakfast table is actually juice stored in tanks for long periods, then goosed with flavor packs to taste like fruit again,” says Alissa Hamilton.

Have you always knew window seats are not really all that awesome to die for? Now you’ve been proven right. They are fatal.

I was slightly creeped out but oddly intrigued by the modern day R&J couple who died together in the Swiss clinic suicide pact.

Want to recreate the visible brightness of the sun, in case of a severe blackout? You need an estimated number of 14,286,000,000 fireflies for that. And you can chew gum to reduce 12% of your anxiety levels during conditions of mild to moderate stress. (via Harper’s Index)

Turns out Shakespeare is quite the looker. Not the bald fat man I’ve always imagine him to be.

My Calvin and Hobbes are all grown up now. The poignancy of it made me smile.

This month, please give it up for W. Neil Berrett who quit by giving his boss a resignation letter made of cake. Response must have been tasty.

This picture of the bowling-pin shaped egg laid recently by a chicken totally cracked me up.

Freaky is when hitman with tattooed eyelids nearly made yesterday’s dinner come all the way up.

Do you have $2000 to spare? You can now buy the world’s cheapest car which costs as much as my notebook PC. Ten things you should know about Tata’s Nano.

And just for a wicked laugh, see 50 Animals Who Hate Baths. Enjoy.

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