How to impress me with sheep and LED lights

Create this jaw-dropping masterpiece out of sheep, shepherd dogs and LED lights. Nothing short of brilliant really, my lips were in a “WOW” shape the whole time I was watching the video.

Submitted my 3,200 words today by the way. All right, deadline was yesterday but I prefer to ignore that bit so go along with me. Anyway I was talking to my mate yesterday about something that has been bothering me for a while and as you can imagine, it was turning into a huge inner Gollum-like conflict. Yeh, you do not want to mess with Stinker (for obvious reasons).

Imaginarator says: so I can’t ask about anything huh
Q says: u can ask if u feel like it but why ask
Imaginarator says: yehhhh it wld make me seem so hard up
Q says: and the answer u get is either the cruel truth or a lie
Imaginarator says: …

Well, either way I wouldn’t be happy. So I should really ignore what you are doing, intentionally or not, to me. All right, back to the sheep video then. Baaa-ry nice.

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