Welcome to the red light district

Went to a swanky posh Chinese-themed lounge recently. It was set inside a club that had scantily clad coyote girls who would dance with some lucky poles at 10pm. I missed that show by the way. I blame the free flow of white wine, which was made available to me by the lovely waitstaff, to lose track of the time they were scheduled to gyrate.

Anyway you have to take an elevator, walk through this spacious club, climb a short flight steps, walk through three corridors before you enter this posh velvety darkly lit cosy lounge filled with cushy plush couches. But mostly though  it had people possessing dreadful voices intend on terrorising innocent ears like mine. Their weapon of choice? Microphones. That’s right. It had live bands and guests can do karaoke. How I wish I were Mr Potato who can take ears off as and when I want to.

Welcome to the red light district

Welcome to the red light district

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