Listening: Coal To Diamonds by The Gossip

I think I am still feeling the hurt from last night. I do apologise for yesterday’s moan though. That was pretty uncalled for, seeing as some of you didn’t deserve the unnecessary rant. Well, let’s just say it was therapeutic and it felt so so good after. And you are due some karma points for listening, I suppose.

But look at how well I handle my emotions today. I did my stuff, concentrate on my work, checked out holiday sites and chatted with my mates online. Whom, I have to say, are absolutely hilarious with their use of silly emoticons. Oh right, where were we? Yes! Now I know very well that I shouldn’t be bothered by anything she does anymore. Believe me, plenty of my mates have told me so. The sad thing is I can’t stop myself. That’s why we have songs.

To make us feel bit better at the end of the day.

Why no one told me so much work? Would all go into tryin’? Oh, but those feelings ain’t this strange. How some things never change. Well, nobody’s perfect. And I knew better. Anywayyy…

I thought about it ’til my head hurt. I thought about it but it only made things worse. So I was wrong. What could I do? I knew all along.

I’m a fool for you…

Here’s the live version if you enjoy bit of atmosphere and shakiness in your tunes. As for the rest of you, here’s some complimentary shots of Beth Ditto along with the quality track: