IM with my Genie

On a typical day, my mates and I can talk about absolutely anything at work even when we are miles apart from each other. So thank you, Interweb for bringing much joy into our lives. I wish I could show you the full transcript which is even more hilarious but I mustn’t. My mates are very lucky to have me as a friend. But here is the edited version anyway:

On travel:
Genie: Wow, tickets are expensive.
The Imaginarator: My money and I are not meant to be together for long and I don’t want to be a stray over at country X
Genie: You can just swim over
The Imaginarator: I can’t swim and there might be sharks

On part-time education:
Genie: It’s almost the season for sale
The Imaginarator: Oh, if only degrees have discounts too

On love and life:
The Imaginarator: Yeh it’s been a very tough six months for me so I am just coasting along now.
Genie: Can you not be so vulnerable? Don’t lose Sagittarians’ face. [Yes, the both of us are Sagittarius] Tell me about how bad it can be.
The Imaginarator: I have feelings all right.
Genie: Geez, I thought you were the playeur, not the playee.
The Imaginarator: I’m real soft deep down.
Genie: Don’t be traumatised. It’s alright. You still have a bright future ahead of you
The Imaginarator: Yeh, I don’t see it now. I am walking around like the wounded and it’s not doing me any good.
Genie: Don’t be silly. You should just switch on the lights. Open up your eyes.

On anger issues:
The Imaginarator: How to snap out of it
Genie: Go on long trip!! Travelling alone can be therapeutic.
The Imaginarator: I swear I can really explode sometimes.
Genie: Be calm… Getting angry just makes you older. It’s more worthwhile to get pissed over missing the $10m lottery by just one number than over someone else’s reactions.

So to conclude, maybe I’m the lucky sod, not them.