A random but wonderful Sunday

Spent my entire weekend sleeping and indulging in good ol’ homecooked food (by my mum, not me obviously). By this Sunday afternoon, I felt like a bloated pregnant lady in her last trimester. Life couldn’t be better, could it?

Then I saw this note from Facebook. This could only be fun. It even said so: “Rules: Fill in the blanks! Continue the sentence that begins with ‘In’, ‘If’ & ‘When’. It’s fun!”

1. In case of a fire, I will stand around and panic for a bit before calling 995 or is it 999.

2. If I see a dead cat on the road, I will point the gruesome sight out to whoever’s lucky enough to stand next to me and avoid walking past it.

3. When I see an aeroplane coming to crash into my house, I will wonder briefly it would be my Donnie Darko moment.

4. In a fight, I want to be the innocent bystander cheering looking at the “contestants”. Or block my pretty face from the punches thrown. Unless there’s a hot chick for me to impress.

5. If I’m bored, I troll the Internet for videos of freaks doing freaky stuff.

6. When I’m in a relationship, I wonder incessantly if I’m doing the ideal partner bit right and if she is happy with me and how to keep expectations away.

7. In a relationship, the most important thing is to have some alone time from each other to keep things fresh but not use that as an excuse to go around each other’s back to flirt with other people whom you may or may not be attracted to. (Bad experience, I know.)

8. If a person of the opposite sex told me they love me, I would be amused and think if only I like you the same way.

9. When I’ve lost the person I love, I will undergo the moping process where the devastated me will sob and whine to my mates until they get sick of me.

10. In a jungle, insect repellent, toilet paper, food, water and a GPS phone will be key to those poor sobs’ survival while I watch them from the comforts of my couch.

11. If I’m alone & I see a person of the opposite sex crying alone, I would have a “should I or should I not?” moment, then walk away at the last minute.

12. When in the night and I see a fullmoon, I would never point my fingers directly at the moon for I fear a cut at the back of my ears. True story, I swear.

13. In life, I want to be happy doing what I do, whether it’s family, love, friends or work. I should also think less and do whatever I like more.

14. If I could be an animal, what would it be? A flying dinosaur! Snap and fly.

15. When it’s raining, I want to snuggle in my duvet and snooze with a nice movie playing in the background. It would also be nice to have someone by my side.

16. In this world, I care most about my next meal and how I feel about now.

17. If I became a milionaire, I will quit my job and be the author of New York Times’ next bestseller. Possibly be on Oprah’s book list too.

18. When I love someone, what do I always think of? How lucky I am to be here with her and if I should profess my love or wait another day.

19. In the toilet, I enjoy a long shower alone with my thoughts.

20. If I found out the person I love doesn’t even like me, I might contemplate spiralling down in a drunken stupor every night. But I’d most likely shrug and grieve in private instead.

21. When I grow up, I want to a famous writer with a bevy of hot girls by my side and legions of fans who fawn over my every word and happily together with someone who loves and wants me for who I am.


Colours are the reflection of the soul

So said costumier Christian Lacroix who drew his inspiration from Philippe de Champaigne’s and Poussin’s paintings when tasked to design costumes for dramatic Greek tragedy Phèdre.

When wikipedia describes Phèdre‘s tragic construction, deeply observed characters and the richness of the verse as “masterly” and French philosopher Voltaire calling it “the masterpiece of the human mind”, you know it’s gonna blow your mind.

Here’s a little preview of the opera’s background:

la fille de Minos et de Pasiphaé

la fille de Minos et de Pasiphaé

The really haute costumes by Lacroix:

Ooh la la

Ooh la la

In other news, I just attended my first kickboxing class today. Considering that I’m a proud exercise-free advocate, this IS a big deal for me. My arms are numb and getting myself around to meetings tomorrow would be a challenge.


Would you rather be beautiful or smart?

I was thinking about this the other day on my way to work. If given only one choice, would I want to be beautiful or smart? So I thought long and hard, well in between naps really, the entire 25 minutes bus ride and I concluded I will take the beautiful option every single time.

Why? It’s elementary really. The best thing about being beautiful is you will be the apple of everyone’s eyes and most people, barring the sort who perversely prefer ugly geniuses, would do almost anything for you. But more importantly…. drum rolls…. you should always choose to be beautiful so you can wear the most hideous crap invented on Earth and people would still think you are God’s gift to mankind. Brilliant reasoning eh. If you’re attractive, you’re attractive no matter what crap you wear. Just google “runway models+s/s09” images and you’d know what I mean.

Anyway, it made so much sense in my head that morning, especially after that Adonis-looking chap who wore the world’s ugliest and most repulsive plait shirt got on the bus.

My mate Chris concurs. “Well, it does make sense. Beautiful ‘cos you get away with more things and being smart may leave you very lonely.”

For that Adonis’ sake, I sure hope Chris is right because that shirt really deserves to be chased down the street and out of the country by an angry fire-throwing pitchfork-wielding mob.


I just can’t pull myself away

So I spent the last few days out of town. Did some pricey retail therapy and even caught a play at the theatre. Although the seats were a tad bloody neck-aching far, it was brilliant pretending to be cultured and all that for three hours.

I wished I had taken more photos though. The cityscape at night were spectacular and breathtaking. Especially with the lovely weather. I should post some photos up soon so you have an idea of the visual feast my eyes had. But the camera wouldn’t do the views I saw justice. In fact, no newfangled camera technology can. There is only one sort in the world which will capture the views in real-time colour, shades and lighting as I see it.

And that’s my eyes. Taking mental pictures which will never turn yellow with age or be lost in a corrupted hard disk.

Know what I am saying?

Here’s a music video which sums up my thoughts on the short trip and how I secretly want to dance like a slick all sexed up hip hop god.