I just can’t pull myself away

So I spent the last few days out of town. Did some pricey retail therapy and even caught a play at the theatre. Although the seats were a tad bloody neck-aching far, it was brilliant pretending to be cultured and all that for three hours.

I wished I had taken more photos though. The cityscape at night were spectacular and breathtaking. Especially with the lovely weather. I should post some photos up soon so you have an idea of the visual feast my eyes had. But the camera wouldn’t do the views I saw justice. In fact, no newfangled camera technology can. There is only one sort in the world which will capture the views in real-time colour, shades and lighting as I see it.

And that’s my eyes. Taking mental pictures which will never turn yellow with age or be lost in a corrupted hard disk.

Know what I am saying?

Here’s a music video which sums up my thoughts on the short trip and how I secretly want to dance like a slick all sexed up hip hop god.

2 thoughts on “I just can’t pull myself away

    • Indeed, it was a cool trip. Would love to do it more often. If only my wallet wasn’t groaning from the impact.

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