Would you rather be beautiful or smart?

I was thinking about this the other day on my way to work. If given only one choice, would I want to be beautiful or smart? So I thought long and hard, well in between naps really, the entire 25 minutes bus ride and I concluded I will take the beautiful option every single time.

Why? It’s elementary really. The best thing about being beautiful is you will be the apple of everyone’s eyes and most people, barring the sort who perversely prefer ugly geniuses, would do almost anything for you. But more importantly…. drum rolls…. you should always choose to be beautiful so you can wear the most hideous crap invented on Earth and people would still think you are God’s gift to mankind. Brilliant reasoning eh. If you’re attractive, you’re attractive no matter what crap you wear. Just google “runway models+s/s09” images and you’d know what I mean.

Anyway, it made so much sense in my head that morning, especially after that Adonis-looking chap who wore the world’s ugliest and most repulsive plait shirt got on the bus.

My mate Chris concurs. “Well, it does make sense. Beautiful ‘cos you get away with more things and being smart may leave you very lonely.”

For that Adonis’ sake, I sure hope Chris is right because that shirt really deserves to be chased down the street and out of the country by an angry fire-throwing pitchfork-wielding mob.