Smile, you know you want to:

Look at how cute we are

Look at us, we're so cute

This month, I think I found the key to happiness. It goes like this: “When I am happy, it’s because I’m living in the moment. :)” There, I even added a smiley emoticon to emphasise on how wise my statement is.

I was inspired by this quote “When I’m anxious, it’s because I’m living in the future. When I’m depressed, it’s because I’m living in the past.” from a website recently and it made my thought bubble go like this: huh, that’s so true.

And it is. Whenever I over-think about possible scenarios or situations which have yet to occur, I start panicking and get unreasonably fearful which prevents me from doing anything useful. Or when I mull over past events which, I have to add, might not even have happened the way I imagined, I get illogically upset and emotional because I have no control over them. Either way, I lose.

So it has been nice focusing on the present and living in the moment. Man, I know it sounds like a cliche but you ought to try it sometime. Of course, there are still times when I wake up insisting on being gloomy and walking around like a hormonal wreck. But that’s the best part about understanding this theory. I now have the self-awareness to realise when I’m feeling down and out of sorts. Then I’d work on switching the happy mode on.

The worst that could happen if my mind refuses to go into happy mode is that I’d creep into my shell for the day and start afresh the next day, right?