I want to ride a bicycle

The first time I heard Queen, I was a heartbroken 19-year old working at an Irish pub. What about you? When was your first time?

So I was recovering from a broken heart. If you must know, it was my first serious relationship. The dramatic 19-year old me thought I’d never pick up the pieces again and I’d never find love and there would never be another perfect one out there for me. You know the drill.

That day, someone put Queen’s greatest hits on and unknowingly my head started bopping along to the tracks, even humming occasionally because the songs were that catchy. Then the opening piano chords of Bohemian Rhapsody came on and without warning, I felt all these goose bumps on my arms. I was hooked.

Things happen for reasons we may never fully understand or even realise. Likewise, a song can stir you till you have tears in your eyes. Or make you smile when the song makes fun of life at over 140 bpm (beats per minute).

You once told me we feel music so strongly because the beats speak to our hearts, the rhythm of our heartbeats would ebb and flow with the rhythm of a musical piece. That was one of the amazing conversations we had during one of the nights at our usual wine place. We connect. That’s why I want us to work things out.

I don’t have this track stored in my work computer so I’m listening to it by repeatedly clicking it on Youtube. Try it.

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