Chicken wing tips

I had plenty of meals with chicken wings recently that it was almost impossible to not think of you whenever I was left with the chicken wing tip. It’s your favourite part of the chicken. I remember leaving you the tips whenever we have fried chicken. Because that’s how I show my love even if I hardly say it.

Now the chicken wing tips are everywhere, no doubt waiting for me to devour them with no mercy. Yet, I find myself unable to do so. Instead, I would leave them aside. I want the days when we would sit side by side again eating fried chicken, me devouring the wings and you taking care of their tips.

You micro-blogged yesterday night that you were inspired by a conversation with a very contented 60-year old and that’s what you want your life to be when you’re his age. I want you to be content too.

The universe will know when I am ready, and when I am, all these good things like true love, friendship, abundance of wealth will happen, unexpectedly. Hey Universe, I’m ready. Give me a definite sign, let me know if there is anything I can do to, you know, help move things along.

Thank you.