Listening: No Ordinary Morning by Chicane

What can I say? This is the best holiday song ever. Imagine yourself on the beach, surrounded by friends, the gorgeous sun and the frolicking sea. You can’t stop laughing at the silliest things because, don’t tell anyone this but, you are high on some illegal substance and alcohol.

So there you are sitting right smack in the middle of the beach facing the setting sun directly and it seems like there is a cloud maker in the sky churning out pretty cloud patterns just for you. The sunrays are reaching out towards you, lighting up an invisible path where only you can see and whatever thoughts that had been troubling you became insignificant because the sheer beauty of the horizon is projecting a sense of peace you never felt possible. So you just let yourself go.

And when you lose yourself in that very moment, gazing at the incredible sight, you can no longer hear anything. Not even your friends’ chatter or the crashing waves or the pesky touts bugging you to buy their expensive wares. You can’t stop smiling and it feels so wrong to be this happy but in that moment, you wouldn’t give a damn because you are at one with the world.

It was no ordinary day indeed.