The cliché of life as we know it

When I went home after a really late mini-bender night out on Sunday, I was expecting to tuck myself in bed and begin the next day groggily at 7.10am. But obviously, there were other plans that I wasn’t privy to. How else would a tragedy occur to someone I was close to while I was having the time of my life?

Relax, this is not another heartbroken post like this, this, this, and this. I’m just relating what I had felt from the wee hours of Monday morning to now. So yeh, it’s probably best if you grab a few snacks and perch yourself closely to the screen so you won’t miss out any wise profound insights from me. Joking. No, I am not. Ha, I am. No, not really. Yes, I am.

I heard about the freak car accident from someone’s Facebook update, the comments on it, and more details were garnered over instant messaging and phone calls. What happened was:

F was riding his bike on his way to pick up his girlfriend. Then four cars got into a crash on the opposite side of the road and one of them flipped over and struck him. He was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital. Cause of death? Internal bleeding from ruptured lungs.

A cold numbness came over me when I was trying to convince myself that this didn’t just happened to someone I know personally and were close to during our college years before we eventually drifted apart.

The weirdest thing was just a few days earlier, I found the graffiti artwork of my name from him, my first forged sick leave certificate also from him, and the pictures I took of him for my photography class. I know right.

When I called my mate E later in the day, turns out she had been crying since 5pm and she was still sniffling over the phone. So we talked. Our Halloween together, the times we hung out at the back of the class while the lecturer was droning on and on, the photos of his creepy crawlies over emails, the iguana that accompanied him to school, his dreadlocks and educating him on wooing this girl. Then she paused and said, “That’s really life huh.”

Another one of our mates had called her to ask if they should attend the funeral together. Moments later, that mate texted her asking if they should visit this friend’s newborn who arrived one day before the accident soon. What an awesome demonstration of the cycle of life, eh? It got me thinking though and I’m still in the process of sorting my thoughts and my life, obviously.

But really, the question this brings about is “Who am I meant to be?” and wahey, that’s a quiz you can take if you’re in the midst of finding yourself. You’re welcome.

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