Listening: Runaway by Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Today, this is the perfect song for falling in love, falling apart or just chilling on a day when you have absolutely no desire to work.

It hurts to see someone declaring love for you even though it has nothing to do with me at all.


Listening: Heads Will Roll by Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Here’s a little ditty you can bop along to. Perks you right up so we can all dance dance dance till we’re dead.

This week has been a slight revelation for me. I might be terribly sleep-deprived after being caught in between narrowly meeting the deadline on Monday and the daily workload but goddamnit, I am high on life. Every. Single. Day.

Life is simply so awesome and good to me right now, I can’t wait to go seize today and every other day by its collar and hug it!

Meeting Yahoo! CEO Carol Bartz this week definitely helps add petabytes of awesomeness to my life. She’s probably the closest I can get to the geekiness-rich Silicon Valley. There are, of course, some who finds this unbelievable. Those cynics. I love getting high on life. Even after staying up in the wee hours of the last couple of nights agonising over what to put in a 700-word column. Or staring into the mirror and seeing two dark gigantic rings around my tired eyes.

What more can I add really? My previous tweet says it all. “I can’t find any reason to not be happy. I love life and life loves me.”

Just can’t stop playing this song.


Why we need a 5-year diary

I’ve decided this would be one brilliant Christmas gift for anyone who enjoys the idea of keeping a diary but too lazy to write long daily entries in it. Just a few scribbles here and there whenever you feel the need to capture an eureka moment. And you can keep doing it for the next five years.

From the Amazon website:

Inside the worn leather cover, in brief, breathless dispatches written on gold-edged pages, the journal recorded five years of the life and times of a smart and headstrong New York teenager, a girl who loved Balzac, Central Park and male and female lovers with equal abandon The diary was a gift for her fourteenth birthday, on August 11, 1929, and she wrote a few lines faithfully, every day, until she turned 19.

Then, like so many relics of time past, it was forgotten for more than half a century inside an old steamer trunk, plastered with vintage travel stickers that evoke the glamorous golden age of ocean liner voyages. The trunk in turn languished in the basement of 98 Riverside Drive until October 2003, when the management decided it was time to clear out the storage area.” —The New York Times

Well, I think it’s charming to “keep track of your life with just a few lines every day for five years”. Sort of like Twitter actually. But in an old-fashioned way.


Listening: Seven Day Mile by The Frames

I have been listening to this song over and over and over again. Now you can do it too. It’s a good song to listen to even if you aren’t feeling like how I am feeling recently – a downer. Ever since Friday morning to be exact when I realised I was way out of my league.

This song is gripping me in all the right places. For now. You know what I mean?


There is an itch in my mind

There is an itch in my mind I can’t effing scratch and it’s annoying me! It’s times like this I honestly wish I could be less rational. Well, like really really selective times when the choices you make could be the difference between a potentially fun time and an itchy mind that can’t go to bed. Sigh. Who’d have thought practicality would be the death of me.

I have to stop thinking too much. Oh, I should probably ditch making mental pros and cons lists as well. But back to my main point, this itch. The cold shower earlier didn’t help. My mind keeps racing to and fro. Then I remembered this.

“As long as you have these wants, this habit of wanting something, especially wanting someone or something to make you happy. Paradoxically, this is a sure way to make yourself miserable,” says Mooji.

So technically speaking, my irrational desire is driving me crazy because I’m allowing it to itch like hell and all I want to do is scratch this itch.

“As long as you have a desire, you are being tormented by this desire. Why? Because you don’t get it, you are miserable. All your energy is waiting and trying to fulfil your desire.” says Mooji.

There, I have foretold this way before. I even gave a perfect analogy for those who are still scratching their heads over this blog post:

Suppose you have always wanted this person, you want her so bad that you think she would make you happy, so as long as you want her, a relationship with her, you are never really available for anything else. Every time, you are talking, it is just this want for her. Your mind is focused on satisfying your desire but there is no joy in wanting this person. You feel if you get her, you would be so happy but there is no happiness in this.

So what’s next? Remove the desire and the itch would stop. This should be easy. Ahem. But pray for me anyway. Thanks.