Listening: Heads Will Roll by Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Here’s a little ditty you can bop along to. Perks you right up so we can all dance dance dance till we’re dead.

This week has been a slight revelation for me. I might be terribly sleep-deprived after being caught in between narrowly meeting the deadline on Monday and the daily workload but goddamnit, I am high on life. Every. Single. Day.

Life is simply so awesome and good to me right now, I can’t wait to go seize today and every other day by its collar and hug it!

Meeting Yahoo! CEO Carol Bartz this week definitely helps add petabytes of awesomeness to my life. She’s probably the closest I can get to the geekiness-rich Silicon Valley. There are, of course, some who finds this unbelievable. Those cynics. I love getting high on life. Even after staying up in the wee hours of the last couple of nights agonising over what to put in a 700-word column. Or staring into the mirror and seeing two dark gigantic rings around my tired eyes.

What more can I add really? My previous tweet says it all. “I can’t find any reason to not be happy. I love life and life loves me.”

Just can’t stop playing this song.