One more day to the big 27

What a gentlemanly colour eh?

I think the excitement is building up just nicely. Sometimes I do wonder if I’ll ever grow up to be a proper adult. I mean I can smoke, drink and drive (although not at the same time) without being hauled up by cops. I am less angsty these days. I enjoy my oldies and 80s music as much as I listen to the Knife and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. I understand pop culture jokes much better now. I am getting better at picking myself up after every broken-hearted moment. (Still, let’s aim to keep the number of broken hearts to a minimum. This is not a competition.) I guess the only difference is I behave exactly like a fifteen-year old when it comes to taking responsibility. Which is non-existent. Oh, not forgetting social awareness. And sensitivity. And interpersonal skills.

Oh boy, what’s gonna happen when I turn 30?