Life’s milestones

One of my life’s milestones: I was 26 years 8 months and 15 days when I first suntanned and swam topless in public. What’s yours?

Now that I’m officially two years past my quarter-life crisis, I have no idea what’s next. I feel lost and unsettled and a little fearful. Other than having my PCI (perceived cuteness index) stock falling rapidly, I pretty much feel the same. Still can’t turn invisible or teleport to and fro work. Yet.

Come to think of it, I should have probably wished for either super power when I was told to blow out the birthday candle. Instead, I wished for world peace. Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. You didn’t buy that, did you?

Right now, I just want to snuggle in bed with a good TV series ala Dexteur. It’s really mind-blowing epic. But before I do just that, this seems like the perfect song to listen to while watching the rain have its way with the world on a grey December afternoon.