The Poem – Franz Wright

I don’t read a lot these days. Maybe it’s a syndrome of the Internet-itis.  But when I do come across something – a poem, a quote, a line from a movie or even a song – so simple and yet it manages to describe a moment so poignantly, it makes me pause. Sometimes savouring the emotions which made me see the world in a different hue, sometimes it stabs me because it resonates with what I’m going through. But mostly, I forget to breathe in that moment because it rings perfectly in my heart.

It’s amazing how well-crafted words can affect you in that singular moment.

The Poem – Franz Wright

It was like getting a love letter from a tree

Eyes closed forever to find you —

There is a life which
if I could have it

I would have chosen for myself from the beginning

[From Walking to Martha’s Vineyard, which won the 2004 Pulitzer Prize.]