Oh my my, I have fallen

I walked past a store today and it was blasting this song and I am so enamoured with it, I’m going to share the YouTube video with you all right now.

Today is also the day I realised how effing amazing it is to walk around a hypermart selling nothing but gadgets and more gadgets. It was a geeky-wonderland. It has mini chrome fans and vacuum cleaners and laptop coolers which operate solely using the power from your notebook. There were mouses with more buttons than a TV remote control. Maybe one of the buttons can be used to summon pizza or beer while you’re glued to your computer screen.

Anyway, I felt giddy walking among so many techie stuff, I thought I’d hyperventilate if I didn’t drag them into a shopping cart and run to the cashier soon enough. But I resisted the temptation of consumerism. Okay, so I caved after half an hour and bought a new tee for my baby aka the iPhone. Hey, it was crying for a new colour. Somehow green didn’t bring out its eyes.

In other news, I’m off for a short weekend getaway in a few hours’ time and I have yet packed. Oh, I highly recommend you to check out my first post on this blog around a year ago. Just to see how far I’ve come and what a genius I am. Only joking obviously. It’s Christmas after all, and it wouldn’t hurt you to be nice and agree with me, would it?

Have a good holiday opening presents and going on a [alcoholic] liquid diet before the weekend is over. Go on, listen to the song again. You know you want to.

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