On ending a text message and the world

I have always thought ending a text message with a kiss like :X is much better than kisses and hugs – XOXO – when it’s to someone special. Sealed with a kiss, you know. That’s how lovers used to send letters to each other in the olden days. Before mobile phones and emails were invented. But that’s just me. I’m old-fashioned like that.

Someone asked me earlier, what my last words would be if the world ends tomorrow.

J: Thanks for all the happy times love. You’ve been a great companion.
X: My pleasure, darling. Are you saying your farewell now?
J: Who knows what would happen tomorrow? My last words to you would be “LOVE” ’cause that’s my favourite word. What would you say to me?
X: It’s been a pleasure knowing you and I will be waiting for you at the other side so we could carry on where we left off.
J: Where did we leave off?
X: “all the happy times love.”

After a while…

J: If only I knew you earlier, I could have spent more time with you.
X: It doesn’t matter because it’s better than never knowing each other at all.

Whenever a relationship, platonic or romantic, comes close to something akin to a high level of intensity, I need something more tangible, something a hug or an emoticon can’t quite replace. I don’t know, like a record to show a certain event happened, a reminder that something special occurred at the same time to both of us. Like a text, a ticket, a photo or even a movie stub. So when we look back along the timeline since we met each other, we can smile at the good times shared and if we are in each other’s lives still, we can smugly say there are more good times to come. Or for some reason, if we have drifted apart, it would be nice remembering how someone had entered my life and bonded with me. But the older I get, the more I dislike clutter so kisses, hugs and a blog post are good enough replacements.

In any case, keep my words, the ones I said to you earlier, with you in the meantime. Keep them safely. Because, on the contrary to popular belief, they are not cheap.