OMG, the Force IS with me

Seriously, guys, I don’t think you fully appreciate the significance of this until you feel the Force from a galaxy far, far away appearing right on your screen.

"The Force is strong with this one."


Journey to the end of the world

It was 5.13pm, nearing the end of yet another workday when we started talking about procuring tickets to The Killers, who are playing this weekend by the way. Turns out one of my ex workmates was going so we got envious and that led naturally led to us plotting the ways to kidnap him and his girlfriend so we’d get their pair of tickets. But really, the kidnapping isn’t the main point because we ended up discussing about a different sort of journey altogether.

G: Let’s go to the end of the world tonight.

Me: OK!!

G: It would be very tiring.

Me: It doesn’t matter as long as you’re with me.

G: I’m not going to carry your bags. You have to carry mine.

Me: Hmmmm… ok.

G: Or should we just run away with our credit cards and mobile phones?

Me: Yes, I think that would be better. We have to travel light so we may get there faster.

G: Are you gonna wear your glasses?

Me: I will wear my ray bans. Are you gonna bring your umbrella?

G: Yesssssssss…in case, it rains.

Me: Awesome, we are all set.

And, ladies and gentlemen, that’s how you plan a journey to the end of the world. Pack light and go free and easy.


A glimpse into what people in Middle East are reading today:

It’s suffice to say I can’t stop smirking now.



What’s your pleasure button?

“I’m not one of these people who wants to be busy 247. I get so much pleasure sometimes from doing absolutely nothing – actually a lot of the time.” ~ Ed Westwick. A man-boy after my own heart because there’s nothing I like better than not doing anything at all. Especially the last two weeks. It’s a lifestyle I can get used to.

Unfortunately, tonight’s the last night of the holidays before I start work in the New Year and Manchester United just lost to Leeds in the FA Cup’s third round. The utter pain of losing yet another football match is going to take me a while to recover. Expected recovery time: Roughly a week or so.

Anyway, I was clearing the islands of clutter in my room earlier and I found some movie stubs and a receipt from 2008. The movie stubs were from the first movie I watched with this ex-girlfriend and the receipt was from a night when she went bonkers on me after getting pissed drunk. Seeing them again didn’t sting as much as I thought they would have, namely because I could only remember bits of the events. Come to think of it, the bits I remember were of her getting highly emotional that night. Cough drama queen throwing silly tantrums cough. Man, am I glad to have gotten away.

So what am I grateful for in 2009/2010? For having an absolute stinker of a memory. But just enough for me to realise I had a lucky escape.

This is why you should always declutter.