Journey to the end of the world

It was 5.13pm, nearing the end of yet another workday when we started talking about procuring tickets to The Killers, who are playing this weekend by the way. Turns out one of my ex workmates was going so we got envious and that led naturally led to us plotting the ways to kidnap him and his girlfriend so we’d get their pair of tickets. But really, the kidnapping isn’t the main point because we ended up discussing about a different sort of journey altogether.

G: Let’s go to the end of the world tonight.

Me: OK!!

G: It would be very tiring.

Me: It doesn’t matter as long as you’re with me.

G: I’m not going to carry your bags. You have to carry mine.

Me: Hmmmm… ok.

G: Or should we just run away with our credit cards and mobile phones?

Me: Yes, I think that would be better. We have to travel light so we may get there faster.

G: Are you gonna wear your glasses?

Me: I will wear my ray bans. Are you gonna bring your umbrella?

G: Yesssssssss…in case, it rains.

Me: Awesome, we are all set.

And, ladies and gentlemen, that’s how you plan a journey to the end of the world. Pack light and go free and easy.

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