Listening: Need You Now by Lady Antebellum

I was in the midst of a conversation last night when this song popped into my head out of nowhere. Strains of the chorus just kept repeating itself. For a while, I couldn’t figure out where I’ve heard this rather fine ditty before and, I don’t know about you, but whenever I insist on pursuing any need-to-know-now question, the further away I’d get from the answer. That’s even though the answer might be jiggling its fat arse right in front of my face. I know right.

I blame the generous airtime the tune is getting on the radio for my sudden epiphany.

Somewhat unrelated: I want a trenchcoat more than ever now. And I’m not drunk. Yet.

Check out this video on YouTube:


This is it!

After close to three weeks, ok it’s more like a month now, of non-stop instant messaging over the phone and yes, there was some pretty intensive flirty banter going on, we have been to New York and back, Los Angeles and back, Australia and back.

There are just so much to talk about, you know what I mean, Internet? Obviously not, or I wouldn’t be here rambling on.

So it finally happened on last Saturday. I mean you have to be trapped somewhere in the darkest crevices of Saturn’s orbiting ring’s hellhole with no GPRS or satellite connection to not see this coming. We were up early chatting till it was time for us to run our errands or have lunch. Then came the question, “Hey, what are you doing later?”

Brief pause. “Nothing much, probably staying home.”

*Hold your breath* anticipation. “Then why don’t you ask me out?”

Clearly, someone was slow to react. I’m refusing to say it’s me. “I’m shy.”


That was it. The conversation went on in a merry-go-roundabout way throughout the day, talking about what we were doing at that particular moment. But now and then, we would hover close to what was probably on our minds the whole time – Are we going to meet today, if ever at all?

I mean, Internet, do you know how long we’ve been talking about meeting up? Forever. That’s right, Anticipation. You and me, we can write a good thriller. Together with Suspense, Hesitation and Tingly Nerves.

Then around 5pm, “Would you wanna hang out with me if I asked you out?”

“Of course, I’d say yes, only because it’s you who’s asking.”

Hold on to the edge of your seat because this isn’t the end of the oh-my-go-did-they-finally saga. There was another bout of verbal jostling and delayed responses. Until someone fell asleep. Again, I’m not naming names. Finally, the call came.

“Hey what are you doing? Meet me later? In an hour’s time. I’m hungry. Hurry down. Now!”


– Fade Out – *

*In cinematic terms, this is a transitional editing technique between two scenes where the first scene gradually dissolves with the next scene taking its place. So you will remain riveted to the LCD screen while I skip the boring bits and we go to the part where you’ve all been waiting for. Cool huh?

– Fade In –

We are now tucked at a cozy corner of quaint little café, having crepes. We talked, played games, made comments on other customers. It was all going seemingly well. Until the café decided to close up for the night. Gasp. The audacity! I know right.

If you’re reading this, how would you feel if I told you this is the end of my tale? Multiply that by fifty times and that was exactly how we felt. There’s money to be made, cafés, and you’re not hungry enough!

Fortunately, a somewhat metropolitan city never sleeps until it’s past its bedtime and all late-night shows have ceased to be interesting. We strolled along the neighbourhood and decided to stop at another café which sells chocolate-related products. Now that sentence sounds completely dull. You think you can almost picture a snooze fest coming up. Well, Internet, you’re wrong!

The look we gave each other when we saw the “Open” sign hanging nonchalantly off its door was almost telepathic. You know what that means now, don’t you?

It’s time for a commercial break because narrating my day is such exhausting work. I’m off to continue pretending to look busy at work just so the office feels good about dispensing my paycheque for the month. Kidding! No, I’m not. Yes, I am. Ha!

Break me apart!


Trading stories 15319km apart

15319km away

This was supposed to be posted last Sunday (28 February) but I forgot to press that “publish” button. Well, don’t look at me like that. Surely I can’t be the only who forgets to update the blog once in a while or walk around with unzipped pants sometimes for that matter. Anyhow.

I spent my entire Sunday talking to someone who is currently 15319km away. It was not even talking on the phone sort of talking. It was sending numerous messages to and fro across the internet in real time. It was unexpected. I had just sent a random text across describing my yoga class and a couple hours later, there was a reply. And it went on and on and on and on. This thing has legs, Internet!

Our conversation started from the food we were craving for that at moment to where we were located at (which is how I knew we were 15319km apart) to the type of people who annoyed us to making up stories about celebrities to the musicals we enjoy watching. We discussed iPhone apps. A lot about iPhone and Wii games. We talked about our present surroundings. How the hotel room next door was having an all-nighter party going on. The food we love eating. Why smokers smoke and can smokers stop smoking. Sociology. Just absolute random things, you know?

Then at some point in time, we took on new jobs for the day. We became traders, traders of life stories. We started swopping major events at different stages of our lives. Our heartaches, past relationships, the schools we attended, the milestones we achieved, the countries we travelled to, horoscopes, the worst attributes found in previous partners. I mean, we were sort of friends since ages ago but we have never gotten to know each other intimately. Or rather we hardly knew the details of each other’s lives. I felt there was honesty. At least from my part, since I am on a newfound journey of opening myself up to people. (Baby steps, people, baby steps.)

But obviously, it was mutual. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have stayed online chatting for hours. Oh yes, we’re talking about hours. Not two, three or five. But nine. Yes, Internet, two people who were 15319km apart in two different time zones were talking for about nine hours straight. Imagine that!

Me: I feel like we should be sitting opposite each other in a nice cozy cafe sharing our life stories. Snow outdoors is optional but hot chocolate is a must

Someone: Your stories are safe with me

Me: Somehow, I knew my stories would be safe with you. I had no fears on that

Someone: You kept me up all night!

Me: Well, I’m very irresistible in that respect. LOL

I don’t think I’ve ever chatted for so long on an electronic device other than the telephone. Even then, I don’t think I have clocked more than seven hours on that. I thought I had left the need for long conversations behind when I hit my mid-twenties. Who knew a simple hello could be the start of something amazing. And unexpected. God bless Steve Job and the inventors of Internet and wireless data plans.

So for nine hours straight, I ate, drank, ran errands, crossed a busy road while texting at the same time. Even showering took me less than nine minutes because I couldn’t bear to not read the replies as soon as I can. And that someone who was 15319km away didn’t sleep a wink the entire night. We only ended the conversation because it was late morning over there and there were errands to run and it was past my bedtime too.

Oh Internet, I could tell you so much more, but I won’t because some things are best left to your imagination.