Lady Gaga’s telephone in VideoSong by Pomplamoose

This must be the longest commercial break ever! You must have dozed off, grew up, got married, had babies and probably waving your children off to college by now. Well, it’s only been 19 days since my last post. But it felt like time sat on a bullet train and burst through every time and space continuum fabric the universe could conjure up.

Yes. It’s only mid-April and 2010 is tiring me out. I am exhausted. And slightly annoyed with the office’s noisy computer server which is currently teaching me self-restraint of the highest degree. Then again, I could be cranky from the lack of sleep.

Where were we? Right, we were at that café and its hot chocolate was overwhelmingly sweet. We barely had half a cup each but the conversation was exceedingly good, if I may say so myself. It’s weird that I don’t exactly remember what was said but I felt a good vibe. Is the suspense killing you yet? No? Good, ’cause I would like you to watch something exceeding refreshing and different from the factory-manufactured pop songs and music videos being churned out these days. Cough. Think Bieber that was somehow trending on Twitter recently. Just saying.

This is a cover of Lady Gaga’s latest hit single Telephone but done in a new medium by YouTube sensation Pomplamoose. From NPR’s article:

Jack Conte and Nataly Dawn are Pomplamoose, and they recently sat down with Weekend All Things Considered guest host Linda Wertheimer to talk about their success. When it comes to Pomplamoose’s videos, what you see is what you get.

“There’s no hidden sounds, there’s no lip-synching, there’s no overdubbing. What you see is what you hear,” Conte says. “Sometimes, there might be two or three Natalys harmonizing with herself, and then you’ll see those three videos juxtaposed together on the screen.”

You have to watch the video below. I love it and so should you.

Also, I got a shock today after checking the blog stats – 154 clicks and counting – woahhhh, it’s like celebrating both Christmas and Hanukkah in July. I know I shouldn’t but I’m way amused that blog readers are very much attracted to a broken heart syndrome like bees to honey. That’s all I’m saying.