Could you be the one for me?

Oh Internet, last Friday night was awesome. That’s despite the warm sweltering weather we were subjected to, the long wait for the band’s arrival and the even longer queues just to get some hot dog buns and beers. In the end, it was worth it all.

Watching Stereophonics live and spending the night out with some of my best mates. A spontaneous Friday has never been better. The best part is I know there are even more awesome Fridays to come along.

We originally planned for dinner and a fun [but somewhat unusual] activity or karaoke the night before. Ever heard of the joke “How to make God laugh? Tell him your plans”? That’s right, all plans were shot to shreds as the next day came and went faster like a speeding bullet. Well, technically my day was slow, even tedious at times with the backlogged of piling emails to clear up. But the nerves of coordinating everyone’s schedules were giving me plenty of butterflies. I can be a perfectionist at times, I admit, so it took a while to tell myself to take a deep breath and just go with the flow.

Which I am fucking glad I did because the universe just has its way of making spontaneity feel like the best thing since sliced bread with nutella and bananas.

I don’t know where to start really. We had such a nice time out, goofing around, having plenty of laughs, interesting conversations in between but mostly over loud music and probably the same amount of whiskey dry/sodas to go with the fun we had. Right, describing the entire night’s events is going to hurt my back but I am going to try.

I was in military chic [at least I like to think so] gear with my camouflage green jacket, plain white tee, skinny black pants and red kickass Dr Mart boots while C was in her vest and various shades of black getup. But my mate Spud outshone us all with her bright red nylon trackpants which could be spotted from half a hill away in the pitch dark night and that’s saying a lot. But the evening truly began when she came in a bright blue dress and some fancy shoes that I couldn’t resist asking her if they were pricey and if she would be upset if they get scuffed. She said yes. I should have told her she looked stunning instead.

“On a scale of one to 10, how spontaneous would you say you are?”

“It depends.”

Internet, you’re probably thinking uh-oh and yes, so did my heart. I was praying frantically that the trek we had to make uphill had no soft mud to ruin anyone’s fancy shoes, the weather would be somewhat cool and the crowds would disperse like the Red Sea when we walk through. See, sometimes I worry too much. I know. But really, she was as spontaneous as I could have hoped for.

Some highlights of the night:

Discussing the amount of beers we are going to get while queueing in the world’s longest queue that really should be in the Guinness World Record because we want to make it worth the long wait! The verdict was everyone had to get a minimum of two drinks.

There was a couple in front of us and the guy was using his girlfriend’s head, shoulder and arm for a tripod while videotaping the concert. She allowed me to use her head as a tripod and the picture came out rather sharp. Heh, she asked if it made my day. It did!

We discussed how sticky our arms were from the humid air and I was trying so hard not to accidentally brush my arms against anyone, namely her, because I felt I would have to run home and take a cold shower out of embarrassment.

We started doing moves near the end of the concert. Following the beat and moving our arms from right to left and repeat. You just have to be there to see us. You would have hurt your sides laughing.

S m o _ _ _ s = Her impromptu hangman game which had me jumped once in excitement when I got it right. Nearly fell off the slope though.

Having three rounds of whiskey dry/sodas at the Irish bar and goofing around with French fries. Wiping ourselves with wet wipes and it felt so refreshing! Raising our voices over the live band to hear each other. I don’t exactly remember what we talked about but I do remember smiling a lot. The impromptu dance on the empty dance floor but failing quite miserably. I will never be those suave charmers who will twirl the lady around in a sexy sort of way. The great seduction FAIL. Sadface.

Watching live performances of Mandopop songs from the nineties and seeing scores of people singing along emotionally [drunk and complete with clenched fists in the air] to the singers was quite a sight. The best bit was seeing someone so mesmerised. Someone was definitely swaying along to the songs and it wasn’t me. Oh yeah, another two more rounds of whiskey.

The piping hot apple pies from McDonald’s. Squeezing the apple filling out of the pies.

Sitting at the supper place and staring at each other with sleepy eyes.

After ordering, “My eyes are closing. I want to sleep.”

“Me too.”

“Shall we just go home to sleep?”

“But we have already ordered. So mean.”

When the food arrived, “I am really very sleepy.”

Bill please!

We walked home, changed into polo tees and boxers, settled in bed. But I couldn’t sleep yet because someone, not naming names, needed a bedtime story. And with that, I shall leave the rest to your imagination because it’s late and my back’s hurting. Just know that it was one helluva awesome night.

And it doesn’t hurt to gaze your eyes on such a hot lead vocalist Kelly Jones. I am so into him and his whiskey voice right now. Him looking oh-so-delectable in tight skinny jeans and a leather jacket with tousled hair is definitely one of the highlights of the video below.

And it’s not just the whiskey talking. I really am falling in love with you.

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