Rainbows, babies and laughter

Well kids, “May the sixth be with you” might not be as easy on the ear or as mildly amusing as “May the fourth be with you” but it sure had a force of its own alright.

How do two people meet and fall into each other’s arms or even in love? Perhaps it’s by a series of fortunate accidents.

Say it started from an innocuous text and without knowing, that text led to long conversations and they found that they really hit it off somehow. They continued the long conversations where they talk about everything and nothing in the world. They talked about themselves, their pasts, their present, the future and even the things they like to eat or was on TV.

Say they finally meet up and for some inexplicable reason, seeing each other for the first time wasn’t as weird as one would have thought. It could have ended early on a pleasant note but seeing each other face-to-face became an natural extension of the long conversations they had online. They had dinner, followed by desserts, followed by long walks. Each step was filled with little snippets of their lives, their likes and dislikes. Ever so frequently, sentences would be punctuated with laughter and followed by thoughtful pauses and the conversation would continue flowing gently. Whenever they caught each other’s eyes, they would grin and shyly look away. They didn’t want the night to end. But when it did, it was with a smile.

The second time, they went out shopping for groceries. It was domesticated and yet charmingly comfortable somehow. They walked home in unison. One was carrying the groceries in an awkward manner but it didn’t matter because there was so much to talk about. It didn’t stop there. The conversation picked up later in the night and they found a TV show they both enjoy watching together. The sense of comfort they had with each other was again something hard to put a finger to. Perhaps you have experienced it yourself at some point.

They went out a couple more times for dinner and drinks, desserts and long walks home. They talked about what makes them happy, what they were looking for in life, in love, their values, their opinions. They talked about the type of people they like to be with, the dreams they wake up to, their favourite songs of the moment, even their private journal entries.  Often, their outlooks on so many things in life are so similar it felt like the stars had aligned their thoughts long before they even knew each other.

Then one day, she caught herself thinking about the cards she received while updating her diary. The first line in that entry that day was I T E T T H A T E A S O E. She decided to reveal that tiny revelation while they were chatting. Lying in bed, it took someone one hour to decipher that code. When the code was cracked, they might not have been able to see each other’s faces but it felt as though both were grinning at the same time.

They would spend loads of time talking to each other, even during work hours and into the wee hours of the night. She would spend too much thinking about that long hair, the interesting things they talk about that would make her grin stupidly [and sometimes even laugh out loud] in public, the nice thoughtful gestures and the way she would read her mind whenever they look at each other. All that made her realise “She makes me happy”.

Were two people to fall in love, would it be over something heart jolting or would it simply be because two people accidentally found someone who make them laugh, tuck them in bed and keep them warm, enjoy sharing a meal or snacks with them and are comfortable spending time together?

Is this chemistry?

I do feel we have a great connection together. We both understand happiness should never be dependent on someone else and you can’t expect someone to “complete” you because you’re the only one who can determine your happiness. It takes two emotionally, intellectually happy people to form a happy relationship and be happier and happier together.

I hope she feels she can be exactly who she is with me because I think I can. There is this sense of peace and right now, I’m just living in the moment – enjoying the experience of being together and of course, appreciating this person whom I think the world of.

3 thoughts on “Rainbows, babies and laughter

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