It has only just begun

I had a great Saturday. I hope you had a great Saturday too. Otherwise you could just read about my Saturday and live your life vicariously through mine because the truth is I had many awesome Saturdays the last few weeks. HA! You’re welcome. Surcharges apply. Obviously.

Now let’s see which Saturday I should start with. How about somewhere in mid last month?

I woke up really excited at 9am on that Saturday because I made a grand long elaborate plan to surprise her since a few days ago and I couldn’t wait to bring it to fruition. Ok wait, I just checked my notes and it said I started planning since 9 May. Woah, am I a good long-term planner or am I a geek. No need to answer that, thanks.

I had a checklist of items which I purchased most of them on Friday since they were either props or food items that I had to keep as fresh as possible. Of course, I replayed the entire scenario in my head and everything went exceedingly well, if I may say so myself. But smugness tends to get kicked by reality. Often in a hard and agonising way. I’ve gotten you hooked now, haven’t I? Can’t wait to laugh your head off, can you?

It was only until that Saturday morning when I realised I forgot to inform someone of the time and place to meet. *facepalm*

See, Internet, I’m never a grand master at the great romantic knock ‘em dead strategy. So I was sweating it out, waiting for her to wake up while anxiously wondering if the weather would remain as fine as it was then. It took me a few (six) hours but I managed to coax someone out of bed and out the door. I was a picture of calm really the entire time I was pacing from my place to the nearby shopping mall and back because I was confident that we would make it in time for another event we were supposed to attend later that evening.

Okay fine, I was hyperventilating between cancelling the – by now, failing – surprise for her and cancelling out on my mates. Plus, I didn’t know who I could call for advice in such short notice. So yes, the world was this close to seeing me self-combust into a ball of flames. The sweltering heat wasn’t helpful to my train of thoughts either—-AHHHHHH!

In future, this blog post is going to be a very useful template for you poor sods out there trying to be romantic.

When she arrived, I swore she looked unhappy even though she bit her lip in denial. Let’s just say proper, and even lengthy, updates from me has been a constant for us ever since. Also, an ice cream does small wonders to the simmering atmosphere.

Then, we finally arrived at the park, no thanks to my poor sense of direction and map-reading skills. I realised I have to go out more often because I was the only one who haven’t been to that park. I was secretly like, oh man, I should have done my research properly or why couldn’t I think of better places to go or WHY DID I EVEN THINK THIS WAS A GREAT IDEA.

Still, there was no time for me to make any last minute changes because I was feeling almost dejected by then. The only thing left for me to do was to go bravely on and hope my awesomeness will take over by instinct and make our day all better again. Yes, when in doubt, be awesome, I always say.

As I unloaded the props – a kite, a reel for the kite, the food, a mysterious heavy bag – out of the car, she looked more cheerful by then. I hope. We found a spot, quiet enough, for the voices in my head to argue among themselves about the items in the bag. We talked, ate our sandwiches and that’s when I ignored the voices and said, “Hey, I brought drinks.” And out came a bottle of dessert wine because she said she likes how it’s sweet when we were at her mate’s house. I was blushing really hard by then because I have practised this in my head and my performance was flawless until I had to do it IRL (In Real Life). She would later describe me as sheepish. She wasn’t far off.

After an eternity had passed, I sheepishly asked, “How’s your sandwich? Would you like to have another snack?” And out came a tub of blueberries because she was thinking about them few days ago. I was dying of embarrassment by then, having not done such stuff in a very long while. There was a box of After Eight mint chocolates too because we talked about it once.

Of course, we didn’t manage to fly the kite eventually because there was a lack of open space. But the view at where we sat was splendid.

At the end of everyday

You guys, the sunset we saw that day made me felt like it has just begun. Do stay on for the journey we are going on because it’s going to be fracking awesome.