So I was in Shanghai last month for a week-long vacation. On my second day there, I decided to go on a museum run. Much like a grocery run, except I’m browsing through curated aesthetics and culture which I can’t buy. Unsurprisingly, after two hours at the museum, I needed a time out for lunch.

I took a rather random (meaning I got lost because I couldn’t figure the map out but no one has to know that) route and ended up at a very quaint, very French boudoir looking cafe and I love it.

This would be how my cafe/bar would look like when I open one in a few years time. Outdoor seats where people could smoke leisurely and chat with their mates about absolutely anything under the sun. Literally.

Naturally, there would be cozy indoors where you could sit in relative peace and enjoy the soft jazz music playing in the background while having a meal.

Furniture taken right out of Sims, one of my former favourite games. Oh the amount of time I wasted lovingly spent on it.

The food menu is simple. No fuss, no frills crowd and personal favourites like burgers, fries, sandwiches, potato wedges, pastas, salads, calamari, chicken wings, you know, the usual snacks.

Oh and cakes. I’m definitely stocking up on apple strudels, carrot cakes and cheesecakes. And ice cream.

And fruits because everyone should feel less guilty after gorging on junk food. Really, I’m just listing things I like.

Beer on tap. A full bar. You’re welcome.

It’s a cafe where no one would mind if you ask for a table for one. In fact, we welcome you even more because we want you to feel like this is your second home. If you like, we can be your friend. Even on facebook if you fancy! You’re part of us and we don’t really care whether you’re alone or with a group of friends, you will have unobstrusive service here.

Because this is the Headquarters, the place where you meet up with your friends after a long day at work and talk about history, ideas, money-making plans or random topics off the top of your head and laugh like there’s no tomorrow and get excited about how likeminded, witty and intelligent you guys are and how fabulously wealthy all of you would be once that ingenious business plan takes off.

Headquarters is also the place where you can hang out with your date and have long meaningful conversations over drinks (I will turn down the music if you like) and maybe just maybe fall in love. It could be a quick stopover for you to get a cup of tea before heading somewhere else.

It’s a place where I’d feel comfortable and inspired to write a book and sometimes love letters to you. Or take a break from work and read a book that will take me into another world (or put me to sleep).

Or you could just sit here, stare into space and not do anything at all. A place so quaint and welcoming, where even the clean fancy nice smelling bathroom is to die for. With free wireless internet too! I know right!

Enough of my daydream. What about yours?


At every sunset

I was going through the photos I took using the iPhone when I was in Shanghai last month and I paused over the few shots I took of the sunset I saw while taking the ferry across the Huangpu River.

This is the picture I like best from the set and I want to enlarge it and hang it up on my bedroom wall. Well, I can’t decide really because I do have other shots of breathtaking sunrises and sunsets to choose from. But I definitely want to do it soon.

And i realised out of over 1,800 photos in my phone, close to a thousand shots were taken with you in mind because this is the closest I can get to sharing my experiences with you when you’re not by my side. Yes, I think about you all the time. Is it really a surprise?