This needs a bit more colour

Someone needs to fill in the colours

I admit this isn’t the nicest sunset I have ever seen in my life. But. Come on, you know there is always a but somewhere.

Around three weeks ago, my mates and I were splashing around in the rooftop pool at a boutique hotel in Phuket when I looked over my shoulder and saw the sun slowly creeping behind the hill. Seeing the setting sun reminded me of you and I wanted so badly to be home with you then. I immediately took a picture of it with my iPhone, dripping hands and all, because I wanted to share this with you, that I was thinking about you at this exact moment.

Little did I know my heart was going to break few days later. Internet, you must be thinking “Not again?!” I know right. But. There you go. Another but. That’s it really. Sometimes things occur without us knowing the why and how. Whether we like it or not.

Anyway, that is a blog post for later. After I collect all my thoughts. Give them a queue number. Serve them some vodka shots. Light a cigar for everyone. Fetch some grandpa slippers for their poor aching feet. Tuck them under a warm blanket. You know, the works.

Alright, I promise not to leave you hanging. Not for too long anyway.