Get me away from here, Belle and Sebastian

I probably shouldn’t tell you this but I have been showering using only my left hand for the last three days because I am still hurting from the cut on my finger. Yes, while my left hand is busy scrubbing myself, brushing my teeth and shampooing my hair, my right hand is kept high and dry from water. Which means the right side of my body is infinitely cleaner than the left. You probably should sit on my right. And badminton is a savage game that will sock you in the right eye, cut your finger, leave you sweaty and struggling to catch your breath if you’re not careful. BUT IT WOULD ALSO BE THE BEST WORKOUT DAY EVER! Rosy cheeks and a sense of satisfaction included. Just saying. WAIT!

Before you go, I was at the Belle and Sebastian Concert at Esplanade Concert Hall in Singapore on 7 August 2010 and it was brilliant! Stu and Steve were self-deprecatingly charming and endearing. One of the best sit-down gigs ever. I might have a thing for Scottish accents now.

I didn't see this amount of brilliance coming


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